Job Hall in Reno Writes:

I have known Linda Gordon for over 10 years, and I can speak from experience that she has a very good grasp of naturopathic healing. She was crucial in my fight against Crones disease, and has recently given me her new product, Forzone, which helped me with my recovery from back surgery and continuing stomach issues. I have used Frozone on myself, my wife and my animals, all with excellent results.
My experience with Frozone has reduced pain in my body, helped with my stomach indigestion and given me added energy. Additionally it has helped me fight off colds. My wife had a bad burn from the stove and Frozone stopped the pain and increased the healing period to a few days from weeks. Finally I use it on my animals for their overall health.
I am well educated with a JD as well as an MBA in Finance. I did not believe in naturopathic medicine prior to meeting Linda Gordon, but now am a true believer. Frozone is a great product for overall health, pain relief, healing and wound healing.

Job Hall, JD, MBA

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