Linda in Reno Writes:

 Using Fro3zone For my animal family; I have used the sticks to reverse kennel cough, treat swelling, pain and sterility on a tooth surgical site, and pneumonia’s in my Borzoi dogs. It reversed pain in a few minutes and all symptoms within a day in them. I also used it to treat serious wounds on horses and dogs, with pain relief visible in about 10 minutes in all the animals, and their enthusiastic reception of further use of the product, after a first treatment by both the dogs and horse. The speed at which the wounds heal is dramatic and noticeable.
As an adjunct to an alternative cancer treatment I did on my dog; the alternative cancer treatment side effects were it lowered )2 levels if you have a rapid die off of the cancer cells. I used the Fro3zone stick while my dog was in respiratory distress and her gums were blue. Within four minutes of insertion, her gums were pink again and she was breathing comfortably.
Using Fro3zone for myself; I then used it on myself at first to treat herpes outbreaks, which it gave relief from all symptoms in 20-30 minutes consistently. I noticed it raised my energy levels within minutes and increased my sense of well being.
In the several months I had been using them to treat herpes symptoms, my life long asthma went away, and I no longer use prescription inhalers. My life long asthmatic reaction to throwing hay for my farm friends is also gone completely.
My hemorrhoids of 25 or so years disappeared completely, as did a fissure from a site in my lower bowel.
I also noticed that a hill I walked up that normally winded me, no longer did after doing a stick shortly before the climb. I was able to almost sprint up the hill with NO huffing and puffing.
My digestive system, which has life long troubled me, is functioning better than I could have ever IMAGINED possible.
I started using it to do facial exfoliation with it and my wrinkles are visibly reduced and age spots that troubled me on my for head both disappeared entirely.