Fro3zone is great for all kinds of healing,and can go in any orifice safely. Brush your teeth with it, put it on your face for age spots exfoliation and remember, it reduces inflammation, kills viruses mold and bacteria, boosts immune cells, reduces inflammation, stimulates chondroblast and fibroblast replication (your cells) to stimulate both soft tissue and non vascularized tissue repair ( chondroblasts) like cartilage, tendon, ligament disc type tissue. Systemically it raises cellular immunity, lowers humeral immune reactions o2 levels, lowers inflammatory immunity that is ineffective and creates allergies, and ineffective body bracing (head swelling and spinal chord crushing inflammation with injuries). The uses for this product are myriad. Within minutes it dramatically raises o2 levels when administered as a suppository, and works as a pain killer as well both topically and systemically.

Use it for the following:


man-headache The Best Hangover Remedy:

When you’ve had an awesome night, and are having a terrible morning,  FroZone is  just what  you need to help ease  you back into your routine FAST. (For best results take rectally)




A  General Pain Reliever:neck pain

As an alternative to putting chemicals into your body and risking short or long-term negative effects for relief; We use FroZone for  the following:

  • General Pain Relief Fast
  • Wound Care
  • Cuts/Scrapes/ Surgical Sites
  • Swelling
  • Age spots
  • Muscle Tears
  • Burns
  • Migraines
  • Speeds Tissue Healing

(Web search Ozone Therapy for  more information)


Boost Your Immune System:

We all know daily life can reek havoc on our body’s immune system.  That’s why it’s good to have a product like this in your corner.  It can help you fight off any  kind of bug even controlling herpes outbreaks!

And if you’re already sick, it can help you get over it faster and make you feel  better sooner!

A Great Energy Booster:Track-Runner

As the  extra oxygen enters your system, you ‘ll feel like you’re on top of the world.  The increased oxygen also increases your stamina.




Attractive couple lying side by side in a spa enjoying the luxury of a deep tissue back massage togetherUse it for massage!

FFrozone is the best for massages as it naturally is an oil, and the oxygen helps to loosen up those muscles and reduce tension by lowering inflamation.

Also Great for Pets:puppy headache

Don’t leave your furry family out on this one, it’s a great alternative quick remedy.





What ever you need it for;

Fly yours in today!